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Author Topic: Lilac Tree Greenhouse | Shop Permit  (Read 242 times)

Mavis Lerner

    (13/11/2017 at 03:06)
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Shop name: Lilac Tree Greenhouse
Shop Type: Plant Shop
Location: Hogsmeade / Diagon Alley / Knockturn Alley / London
Subforum? Yes! Purchased with Gringotts points, approved by Calypso Ross on 11/11/17.

Short Description (50 words max): A purveyor of seasonal plants and other botanical needs.
Long Description (200 words min): Externally, Lilac Tree Greenhouse is a humbly sized structure set away from the main rows of shops in Hogsmeade. It is a greenhouse devoid of any variance from the norm, with the exception of the lack of a ceiling and the tree that emerges from the open top. Despite the obstruction, the greenhouse is a naturally warm and bright place. There seems to be some sort of magical barrier on the greenhouse to keep the weather out, though the barrier will dissipate to allow for the occasional rain storm. At the front of the greenhouse ‘Lilac Tree Greenhouse’ is painted to the left of the door in large but unobtrusive pale purple lettering. Attached to the door is a piece of parchment displaying the shop’s hours in the same script as the painted sign.

Within the greenhouse it is quiet, if one listens closely they might hear the sounds of a world beyond the glass. A gentle forest breeze, a rustle of whispering trees, scatterings of bird song. At the greenhouse’s center, surrounded by a ring of lilac bushes is a massive weeping willow. It’s branches are low enough to climb (if one asks nicely) but most will find they can only ascend to a certain point before the closest branch will move just too far out of reach for them to climb further. Mavis is the only one able to climb to the top, along with anyone she breaks the charm for. Hidden among the branches and leaves is a small tree house, home to Mavis’ office space and the smaller, weaker plants.

Seasonal flora and other plants are displayed on long, curved, wooden tables that circle the ring of lilac bushes. At the back of the greenhouse is a small table that serves as a makeshift desk for check outs and related things. There are wooden chairs scattered about the rows, though they become the home of a lucky plant more often than not.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?

The goal of the shop is to appear a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After Mavis’s disastrous stint at St. Mungo’s, she left the hospital with visions of spring and the decision to create a paradise of glass and flora -- and open it up to the world. She has spent too long wandering London’s concrete, too long among the hectic nature of urban life, where there is no time to sit among the flowers, to experience the sunlight and simply be. Step into the Lilac Tree, and even if it is for but a moment, you are stepping into nature.

I also feel that there are several possible RP opportunities that could arise from the Greenhouse. Some of my own ideas included student internships or part time jobs for students. Because of the shop’s location it could be a useful resource for Herbology classes, students looking for plants for class work, etc., or simply serve as a quiet place someone to escape the hectic nature of life for a time. It could also be incorporated into the Social Reconstruction Committee as a permanent setting for the Garden Club if it were to be revived. I’ve also thought of some assorted events that could occur throughout the year (A Christmas tree sale for instance) that characters could participate in. Mavis would also be willing to supply plants to weddings, galas, etc. 
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* Calypso Ross

    (15/12/2017 at 14:25)
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