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the story so far
Six friends drawn together by the unbreakable bond of wealth. Shared childhoods of privilege and excess, promising futures of success and stability. Blood doesn’t matter, as long as purses are heavy with coin.
A post-graduation trip to the Americas goes terribly wrong, and the group returns to England two people short. They have been gone a year and two months; although they have the deep tans and weather-beaten look of adventurous tourists, it is clear that something is troubling them. Not to mention their reluctance to discuss their voyage, and no clear explanation for the absence of their two friends.

Nonetheless, they slip back into their previous lives with relative ease. They return to wealth, to comfort and to families, to the privileged existence they had almost forgotten. Almost, but not quite: forgetting is a difficult task.

There are things they would like to forget. Hours and memories that they would give anything to erase from their minds. Parts of their past they are not proud of. These secrets are held close to their hearts, never spoken of above a whisper and only in crowded, noisy taverns.

How long can such secrets be kept?
If interested in playing one of these characters, or working an original character into this plot, please PM Jude Marlowe. Priority goes to players who have proven activity by playing onsite for one term (3 OOC months) or more. For questions or inquiries, please PM Jude Marlowe.

Winnie Llewellyn
25 - halfblood - Gryffindor ‘41 - taken
FC: Georgia Pratt

A voice that rises above the clamor of mealtimes in the Great Hall. Flashing eyes and a blinding smile. A tongue as comfortable with sailor’s curses as with pretty-pleases and thank-you-kindlys, and a mind that knows the right situation for both.

Brash, but not reckless. Brave, but not selfless. A collection of traits that should be honorable but when combined make less than the sum of its parts. But never dull, never disappointing. She comes with the promise of adventure, of laughter and of warmth. As fierce as a hurricane and as soft as a summer rain. Lovely, like the rolling green hills of her home in Wales. Terrible, like the sound of waves crashing against rock.

the fierce one makes haste to battle

Hugo Adeyemi
25 - halfblood - Ravenclaw ‘41 - taken
FC: Harry Uzoka

He who commands respect commands the world.

Hugo had no trouble commanding respect. It was simple, really; hold your head high, keep an impersonal but not unfriendly smile on your face, and let people reach their own conclusions.

People’s conclusions of Hugo were always the same. Rich, but not stuck-up. Smart, but not contemptuous. Principled, but not holier-than-thou. He was friendly with everyone and friends with no one but that group of wealthy, disagreeable students that kept to themselves.

If it weren’t for his friends, he could have been Head Boy. If it weren’t for his friends, he wouldn’t have disappeared for a year only to return with a permanent worried look in his eyes. A lot of things would have been different if not for his friends.
I am worthy of the crown

Jude Marlowe
24 - pureblood - Hufflepuff ‘42 - taken
FC: Paul Boche

Privilege fits him like a glove. History runs thick through his veins and his honour is bone-deep, inseparable from his sense of self. He flits from loving parents to cavalier friends, ignorant of anything but his next adventure, which he collects and saves like stamps. His mind is too fleeting for academia. He shows real potential, promise his teachers. If only he put in a little more effort. But a little more effort is a little more than what can be asked of him. His real potential lies in predictability, his inability to surprise. Every action and every thought can be anticipated; not to be mistaken for reliability, because he can’t be trusted with the simplest of tasks. Still, he’s a good friend to have-he always picks up the tab and anywhere he goes luxury is soon to follow. Pleasure is a lifestyle, and one he is quite committed to. Only the best-

-moonless nights and moonlight in his skin, struggling to escape. The walls whisper terrible secrets so he shies away from the insidious indoors, preferring to face the unforgiving elements.  The wild is his companion-the friendly gurgling creek, the trilling gossipy parrots, the steadfast torchwood trees. He is safe here, and he is welcome. This has not always been the case.

When he hears the call, he cannot refuse, but he is nonetheless sad to go. North, the wind sighs, and he follows the breathy call for miles upon miles, until the soles of his shoes wear through and even then, still further he walks. He is not sure he has a destination but this does not bother him in the slightest. Onward is enough for him.
patron saint of lost causes

Noah Graves
24 - muggleborn - Hufflepuff 42 - taken
FC: Anders Hayward

The children of remarkable people are always expected to outshine their parents, and this is Noah’s downfall.

He is not remarkable. He knows this, but cannot accept it. Two brothers at Oxford, a mother descended from the Duke of something-or-other, a father who built himself a fortune off the backs of others; his family excels at anything they set their hearts to, which is why Noah has never felt he belonged.

Hogwarts was no different. Poor grades, no friends, a general disinterest in everything the school had to offer; Noah drifted indifferently from class to dormitory for four years before falling in with Hugo.

Falling in had never been easier. Noah excelled only at being filthy rich, and finally he had a group of friends who understood his dilemma, who didn’t blink at weekends at his country home or afternoon games of polo or extravagant Christmas gifts. He bought their friendship, fair and square, and they didn’t blame him one bit for it. 
as long as the earth endures

Ignatius Faulkner
24 - pureblood - Hufflepuff ‘42 - taken
FC: Robbie Beeser

“Family above all else. That is the key.”

Strange things happen when the line between family and fortune blurs. Treason is only a short step away from independence, freedom synonymous with betrayal. The key was obedience: obey your elders, obey your father, and all will be well.

But obedience is hard, and there are a thousand and one distractions to tear you from  your father’s side. There is comfort in safety, in the familiarity of home, but safety is a luxury unappreciated by the young; novelty catches the eye, and the world holds too much novelty to be left unexplored.

Explorations are past, now. The world  was not as kind or beautiful up close, and the dark rooms of Father’s house feel once again like home. But there’s something missing, like lost puzzle piece that leaves a gaping hole in the picture, and peace cannot be reached until that missing piece is found.
I was born with a little bit of fire, you see

Clementine Pope
24 - muggleborn - Slytherin ‘42 - taken
FC: Lydia Graham

The child of oil and greed, raised on hubris and taught disdain before her ABCs, it surprised no one when Clementine Pope grew into an insolent young woman will a tongue of acid and a will of steel. Her smiles were as sharp as her words, and she made a game out of tormenting others, undermining self-esteem inch by inch until her victim crumbled into a heap of doubt.

She was special, that much was certain. Much was expected of her because she had every advantage available to a young lady of good repute; even more was asked because of her unfailing resolve and penchant for the unorthodox. They expected the best of her, and the best, she convinced them, awaited at Hogwarts. Only the best.

She wasted no time in choosing her friends from the very best, and in a way, she was perfect for them. They welcomed her, gave her a taste of belonging that she’d never known, and didn’t flinch away from her heartlessness. Because that’s what they all were: heartless, with coin where their souls were meant to be, and contempt in the place of consciences.
you are lost and gone forever

Thanks to Leah for letting me borrow her beautiful code!
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The Marlowes
The Marlowes are a tight-knit English pureblood family based out of Norfolk. Although their family tree has roots that stretch back to the 16th century, the Marlowes only rose to prominence in the late 1800s. Ever since, they’ve enjoyed wealth and good reputation, although they tend to keep a low profile in politics and social circles.  Generations have attended Hogwarts, with most young Marlowes sorted into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

The Norfolk branch is led by Charles Marlowe, husband to Eleanor and father to Jude, Frances, and Cecil. He owns shares in both muggle and wizarding businesses, although he keeps quiet about his non-magical ventures. Eleanor comes from another (significantly more wealthy) line of purebloods; their marriage was one of love, not convenience, and both parents are extremely dedicated to their children and families.

WIP will complete soon.
There is lots of flexibility with the Marlowe family tree. If you're interested in adding a branch or would like a pre-existing character to be related, PM Jude Marlowe.

Frances Marlowe
22 - pureblood - house ‘44 - open
FC: Julia Nobis

Siblings: Jude & Cecil
Parents: Eleanor & Charles Marlowe
Home: London

Career woman. Motivated and ambitious, eager to distance herself from her family name and the rumors that inevitably follow. She wants success, and she wants it on her own terms.   
Contact Jude Marlowe

Cecil Marlowe
16 - pureblood - house - open
FC: Oskar Dalsjo

Siblings: Jude & Frances
Parents: Eleanor & Charles Marlowe
Home: Marlowe Residence, Norfolk, England

A hogwarts student, 6th or 7th year. Contrary and difficult, constantly supervised by overprotective parents. 
Contact Jude Marlowe

The Adeyemis
The Adeyemi family is of Nigerian pureblood descent. Their family was very prominent in the Nigerian diamond trade for the upwards of around 200 years. The family has a harsh history of blood and violence in their home country. In 1911 the main branch of the Adeyemis moved to Britain, leaving their family business behind. They like their secrets and the family is full of them. The family enjoys politics and lavish social gatherings, giving their children a leg up in society.

The London branch is now ran by Abaeze Adeyemi, husband to Freya and father to Hugo and Maisie. Freya comes from a long line of purebloods, and was arranged to marry Abaeze to make her family wealthy again and to bring  honor back to the Adeyemis. Freya is the mother of Maisie and stepmother to Hugo.
There is lots of flexibility with the Adeyemi family tree. If you're interested in adding a branch or would like a pre-existing character to be related, PM Hugo Adeyemi.

Maisie Adeyemi
15 - pureblood - house - open
FC: Zendaya Coleman

Siblings: Hugo
Parents: Abaeze & Freya Adeyemi
Home: Adeyemi Residence, London

Hogwarts Student, 5th or 6th year. Cunning and fun, her world revolves around her. Daddy’s girl to the fullest.
Contact Hugo Adeyemi
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05/01/2017: Noah's app is posted and accepted! All relative adoptables still available.
04/22/2017: Hugo's app is posted.
04/18/2017: Noah is taken! All friends have been adopted. Maisie Adeyemi has been added. Relatives still up for adoption!
04/10/2017: Winnie's app is posted.
04/04/2017: Clem's app is posted.
03/26/17: Adoptables page updated! New Marlowe characters introduced. Noah Graves still available.
03/22/17: Jude's app is posted.
02/26/17: Ignatius' app is posted.
02/25/17: Winnie, Clementine, and Hugo taken.
02/14/17: Adoptables posted. Jude and Ignatius taken.
Some ages, names, faceclaims, and backstories are flexible. PM Jude Marlowe if you’re interested in making changes to one of these characters, and we can figure something out!
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