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Two positions are open for this Sort.

Charms - open*
Transfiguration - filled
Divination - filled
Conjuring/Summoning - open*

Three to four positions are open for this Sort.

Astronomy - open
CoMC - open
Herbology - open
History of Magic - open
Magical Defence - open
Muggle Studies - filled
Potions - open
Magical Drama - filled
Other** - open

No positions are open for this Sort.

Duelling Referee - filled
Head Nurse - filled
Librarian - filled
Quidditch Referee - filled

*Applications for these classes may be given priority.
**You may come up with your own class that doesn't come from HP canon (eg Politics of Magic), but please make sure you can come up with at least four substantial lessons for it.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 15th AUGUST! (This includes lesson plans.)
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