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Godelieve Duabe

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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Godelieve Belenus Duabe

Birthday: June Twentieth, 1940

Hometown: Monte Carlo, Monaco


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): First, Second

Godelieve Belenus Duabe never was one to complain or ask for more, as she already had it all. Two loving parents, a beautiful home by the sea, and a new sibling on the way. She had her life planned out from the beginning. First, she would go to Beauxbatons, and then graduate and work in the French Ministry of Magic. As she grew, she realized this wasn't the path she was going to take, as a new one was being given to her.

Her mother, Odette Duabe, was a skilled Summoner, educated at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Rather than going into a career revolved around magic, she decided to go into muggle fashion. By her twenty-fifth birthday, she had made a name for herself in the prominent fashion magazine Vouge Italia.

Fredrick Duabe, Godelieve's loving father, was born and raised to two Oxford professors (who oddly decided to pursue teaching muggles rather than teaching at their alma mater). He was schooled at Hogwarts as a fourth generation Slytherin. After graduation, he sought a higher education at the muggle school where his parents had taught. During his springtime break to Italy, he met and befriended Godelieve's mother. They soon married and moved to a cliffside villa in Monaco.

They planned to have two children. Their first, Godelieve, was born healthy with no complications. Almost ten years later, a second child was born. The prematurely born child did not survive, dying hours after birth. Stricken with grief, Odette took her own life soon after.

From that day on, it was just Godelieve and her father. The household was never as happy or bright as it was before. Her father was rarely around as he was forced to go back to work, so Godelieve was alone for the following two years. When she was nearing school age, her and her father moved to London.

The time warp affected her only a little; the only real difference that shocked her was the change in fashion and architecture, as she was used to the creme de la creme of the 70's. She had never had my close friends that were her age, and was always told of how hard muggles were to work with from her mother, so the racism between purebloods, half-bloods, and muggles wasn't too surprising.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

(Replying to option 1).

Despite only being on campus for a few days, the self-assured first year had practically memorized the layout of the dungeons.  In her father's office, on the farthest bookshelf to her left in a drawer two above from the ground, there was a shakily drawn map of the dungeons from when her father was a student. Although it had taken her weeks, she finally memorized it. 

Often, she would close her eyes and walk around the gardens behind her villa, walking the halls almost perfectly. Of course, that was years ago. Godelieve had mere scraps of the layout still in her memory. She would never admit to forgetting the layout of the dungeons she would soon be walking daily— all the time she spent memorizing and showing off to her father would be wasted, and a disappointed father was the last thing she wanted— so she knew she would have to simply stay relaxed and self-confident about the knowledge she kept.

The tips of her usually tied up hair were crowding her face, blending into the dark shadows that surrounded her. A few minutes ago she had tripped and fallen into a puddle, drenching her hair and robe. Her black mane of hair stuck to her face and neck, giving her a haunting look. Groaning and struggling to pull back her hair, Godelieve rounded a corner, her boots clacking against the stone floors. Although she knew better than to wear the three-inch boots that she currently sported, a snotty third-year Slytherin told her they looked better, so she just had to oblige.

A small voice up ahead caused Godelieve to slow to a stop, taking a caution step backward (which was greeted with a large 'clack' from her boot).


She stayed silent.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

She could either go back the way she came or face the what sounded like a girl. Leaving probably would be the smarter option, but alas, Godelieve isn't known to make the smartest decisions. She'd heard of this 'Emma Birch' the girl was calling out to, so, wanting to have some fun, she decided the best thing to do was scare the poor girl. She ruffled her hair over her face some more, pulling her hood up like some sort of ugly witch (the ones from the muggle holiday Halloween). She crept forwards, an arch in her slouched back until she spotted the girl.

"Why yes, it is I, Emma Birch." She purred, staring at the girl with a grin.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Previously I made this character, but would like to start over. I play a child called Lilian Lythgoe.

How did you find us?: Google

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Hi Godelieve, it's lovely to have you back!

Your application is looking great so far. However, as you have previously played Godelieve as a character (even if it was only for a short time), you won't be able to start over completely, because this would create timeline issues with other characters who may have previously interacted with Godelieve.

You initially submitted a student application for Godelieve as a first year in the 1948-49 term. The upcoming term will be the 1951-52 term, which means that three years have passed since Godelieve's first year. This would put her in her fourth year at Hogwarts, and her birth year would be 1937, not 1940.

If you'd still like to play Godelieve (starting in her fourth year now -- you can always write it as though she's still been at Hogwarts for the past three years), please could you edit your biography and roleplay sample to reflect this age change. If you decide that you wouldn't like to keep playing her, please let us know below so that we can archive this application.

Once you've made the required changes, please repost your entire revised application below (or alternatively, let us know that you'd like this application archived), and we'll be more than happy to take another look. Thanks!
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Godelieve Duabe

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Ah, I see. In that case, I'd rather have her archived. Thank you!