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The Coles aren't a large family, with all of Vera's family lost in the Time warp, and Asher's family mostly lives in America. Hopefully as the kids get older, the tree will expand, but for now it's rather small.

Asher and Vera Cole married October of 1974, shortly before the Time Warp. A year later, Julia came around, a few years after that, Miranda, then Ren, then Dahlia. Early 1952, Vera discovered she was expecting again, much to their joy. But as it got further and further, there arose complications. She was put on bedrest in June, and went into labor mid-July, giving birth to Mara on July 16. A few moments later, Vera died due to complications and became a ghost.

Once Julia returned to Hogwarts in September, Ren and Dahlia were enrolled in the daycare, while Miranda stayed at home with Vera and helped take care of Mara.


Asher Max Cole
Age: 36

FC: Logan Lerman
Asher was born in Oklahoma as one of three triplets. He eventually found his way into Hogwarts, where he met Vera. Asher is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Before the Time Warp, he was a musician, but after the time warp hit, his musical style was too radical, and he became a Sergeant in the 42nd Broom Battalion.

Vera Laine Cole (neé Hudson)
Age: Forever 34

FC: Lily Cole
Vera was born third oldest out of 7 kids to two Catholic muggles in London. Vera is very motherly and loves her children very much. However, she can get a bit of a temper sometimes. But now, especially since becoming a ghost, she keeps a close eye on her kids.

Julia Rose Cole
Age: 15

FC: Rose Leslie
Julia is adventurous and rather fiesty. She is very loyal to her close friends, but she has her share of enemies due to her competitive nature. Like her father, she has taken up music as well.

Miranda Faith Cole
Age: 11

Suggested FC: Francesca Capaldi
Miranda enjoys home-making, and is very interested in things like Herbology and Potions. She has a very conservative view of things, and her long-term goal is to become a good housewife. She is always trying to make her living spaces more enjoyable by knitting a cute blanket or sewing together something pretty to look at. She can also be a bit bossy with her younger siblings, feeling the need to take on Vera's role in the family.

Lawrence Russell Cole
Age: 7

FC: Logan Lerman
Ren is your typical boy. He enjoys playing sports, and getting dirty. He think Miranda is a bossy bore and likes to annoy her. He helps his shy younger sister out at the daycare a lot and is generally nice to everyone.

Dahlia Jane Cole
Age: 3-4ish (flexible)

Suggested FC: Emily Osment
Ever since Dahlia's mother died, she's gotten shyer around others. At the Daycare, she typically hides behind Ren. Since trying to hug her mother after she became a ghost, and the coldness of her touch, Dahlia doesn't like touching people much anymore. Ren often tries to get her to socialize more, and it's working, little by little.

Mara Laine Cole
Age: Newborn

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