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Author Topic: Rose and Rose-Parker Adoptables  (Read 2063 times)

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Rose and Rose-Parker Family Tree

[Family Info Here. WIP]
While the Parker family originally come from America, they all recently relocated to London.



All Adoptable are adjustable to your preference.

Alan Rose, 42. Deceased.
Pureblood. British. Journalist.

Strict, Protective, Angry.
Suggested Face Claim: Julian McMahon

Alan Rose grew up in London, and attended Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw. Shortly after graduating, he decided to move to New York and pursue his independence and writing career. He was basically exiled from his family because of the move. He married a woman named Julia and had two children with her, Alan Jr. and Serena. Things were rocky with his wife and he turned to a co-worker, Wendy Parker, with his troubles. They grew very close, made a few mistakes, and then decided to break it off. Wendy moved away and Alan tried to patch things up with Julia. Things began to get better. Then Julia disappeared in the time warp, and his son, Alan, was killed in a riot years later. Alan received a job opportunity and decided to move himself and Serena back to London. About a year later, Wendy got in touch with him to tell him that in their brief romance, she had a daughter and that she was his. Agreeing to meet with him, he met Chloe, and started to form a bond with the daughter he didn’t know he had. He also began to fall for Wendy again. His feelings are conflicted as he never quite forgave himself for the way things went with Julia.

Wendy Parker-Rose, 44. Available.
Pureblood. American. Photographer.

Social Climber, Controlling
Suggested Face Claim: Cynthia Watros

Andrew Parker, 25. Available.
Pureblood. American.

Dependable, Responsible, Hard-Working
Suggested Face Claim: Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Serena Rose, 23. Claimed.
Halfblood. American. Gryffindor. 

Confident, Feisty, Rebellious
Face Claim: Ashley Benson

Penelope Parker, 21. Available.
Pureblood. American.

Greedy, Sneaky, Blunt
Twins with Philip.
Suggested Face Claim: Aurelia Gliwski

Philip Parker, 21. Available.
 Pureblood. American.

Irresponsible, Rowdy, Shallow
Twins with Penelope.
Suggested Face Claim: Caleb Ruminer

Hayes Parker, 19. Available.
Pureblood. American.

Mischievous, Goofy, Friendly
Suggested Face Claim: Ross Lynch

Liam Parker, 18. Available.
Pureblood. American.

Cautious, Intelligent, Obedient.
Suggested Face Claim:

Chloe Rose, 17. Claimed.
Pureblood. American.

Restless, Adventurous, Lively
Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse

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Alice Rose, old, Taken
Pureblood, British.
Suggested FC: Cristine Rose

Strict, Imposing, Unapologetic

Willam Rose, 47, Available
Pureblood, British.

Intelligent, Ambitious.
Suggested FC: Martin Henderson

Marilyn Rose, 45, Available
Pureblood, German.

Artistic, Honest, Sensitive.
Suggested FC: Lauren Graham

Cecelia Rose, 26, Available

Eccentric, Friendly.
Suggested FC: Zooey Deschanel

Benjamin Rose, 24, Available

Flirtatious, Conceited.
Suggested FC: Channing Tatum

Emmet Rose, 18, Available

Charming, Loyal.
Suggested FC: Uriah Shelton

PM Serena McCormick to adopt. <3
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Oh hey cousins
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