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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Cupidot Thierry Belizaire

Birthday: April 1st, 1936 ; Aries II

Hometown: Watchet, Somerset, United Kingdom

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Third or Fourth

Hailing as a first son of his generation among his family, Cupidot had always been assured of his position. He was his mother's son with fire in his eyes and ambition in his heart. He was not about to be denied simply because there was the particular usurper happened to be his sister.

That was his seat at the table.

She knew it. And Cupidot knew she knew it.

It was so obviously a ploy which she seemed to think was ever so clever and funny. As if simply because she was a girl she could pretend she was innocent. That no one who knew Juliette really would ever believe, and Cupidot was certainly knew better than to trust his sister in anything. He liked to believe in certainties, and of one thing he was sure-- when given the chance, Juliette would always elect to stick the thorn in his foot.

She was the one to blame for Lovelie being just the same. He wondered how Maman allowed it. But despite his righteous fit which was brewing in his peridot eyes, he did not call out for Maman or Grand-Mère. No, this, Cupidot was well able to fix all on his own.

He waited until she lifted her glass of milk to her lips before expending effort. In his mind’s eye he saw the glass burst, spilling all over her smug face. That would teach her.  His brows creased in the attempt, trying to reach out with his intent.

A splash, splutter, anything.

She deserved it, he begged the lwa. That was his seat and she had no business sitting there. Sure, perhaps that morning he had put salt instead of sugar into her tea that morning, but Maman had already scolded him for it. His debt had already been paid. It was high time that his sister learned the meaning of consequence, and how much her brother was worth. He would make whatever offering necessary to help his sister get her due.

It would be a service to the greater good, honestly, to bring her down a peg or three.


House Request:

Judgement and opinion are quick to leave his lips. Having been born first and inheriting much from his mother, Cupidot has decided that ´first´ is as good as birthright. A natural leader, he is driven to be best, enjoying not only the challenge of competition, but also the satisfaction of achievement. Born of a stranger culture from a distant island, Cupidot is strikingly aware of his differences and his advantages.  Never one to fear new places, he adapts.

A slender boy with sharp and inquisitorial eyes which saw and thought much of the world around him from beneath the shades of his defined brows. Though young still, Cupidot fully expects to fulfill his mother’s heredity and grow to a domineering height. In her way she has encouraged this, often with a sharp scold not to slouch. He knows an asset when he sees one and well understands the importance of presence. Confidence projects best in a well-fit vessel.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
Option 2:

Cupidot was unused to spending so much of his time indoors. His family had always had a special connection to nature and had been custodians of the land and its spirits for generations spanning centuries. While their roots remained in their native Haiti, he was of a new generation, naturalized to glens and paddocks and knolls. The grounds of Hogwarts were not much different than his family’s home in Watchet, however, and nature abounded. 

It had been an easy choice, then, when he had been choosing classes to pick those most likely to give him excuse to wander the grounds.

He had yet to find exactly what was so forbidding about the neighboring forest, but he supposed with enough time he would prove himself up to snuff in the face of it. He was well used to walking among the forest, his family spending months congregated in the Exmoor wilds every summer which were just as brimming with life as the Forest was meant to be.

In any event, he had just mastered Mobiliarbus, which must surely be enough of a counter measure to danger and the Forest was a perfect ground for practicing. There really wasn’t much to kick so much of a fuss about.  Besides, what was a reward without a little risk involved? Mastery was as much about zeal as it was capacity.

Twirling his wand over the back of his hand as he walked down the grounds towards the Forest, he heard the rustling of some other disturbance. It was hardly some dangerous creature, even if it seemed covered in slime. It had not escaped Cupidot’s notice the other boy’s disgusting display. If only Maman had seen, the hex to send that boy’s snot straight back where it came from would have been faster than the boy could sneeze.

The Belizaire boy cocked his brow at the other’s spiney retort. “Between the two of us, I don’t think it’s me who needs the help, sot.”

Sot, FR. stupid person; fool


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):
This is becoming a very long list. Lucky I’m quite proficient as well as prolific.
-2913 L. Laskos
-3300 L. Taberford
-3705 V. Borovsky
-3706 C. Laskos
-4965 M. Duke

How did you find us?:
Didn’t exactly need a magnifying glass, did it?

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