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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Eleanor Mae Castillo

Birthday: September 18th

Hometown: Preston, Lancashire (England)

Muggleborn / Halfblood / Pureblood / Unknown

Magical Strength:
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness:
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Year: third (first choice) and fourth (second choice)

As upbringings go, Eleanor has had a pretty easy one. Starting at the beginning, she was born to a half-blood mother and a half-blood father. Both attended Hogwarts -her mother a sweet loyal Hufflepuff while her father a loud and proud Gryffindor- and graduated with notable marks. The pair of them settled down three years after Hogwarts, meeting, and recognizing each other at their ministry jobs as the friendship blossomed. Theodore, her father, as an Auror and Eden, her mother, as a worker in the International Magical Office of Law, a branch that stemmed from the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Neither of the two were extremely highly ranked or of grand mention at the Ministry, but the jobs they kept were good enough to provide for the family and support of middle class lifestyle.

Honesty, thankfully, runs in the family. From the moment she was able to comprehend the wizarding world, Eleanor knew she was apart of it. She grew up with spells and enchanted coffee pots and floo powder and all the other awe-inspiring aspects of a magical lifestyle.
At the age of six her mother bore another child, Alice Castillo, the newest addition to the family. And according to her parents, for Eleanor did inquire, she will be the last. The girl, now seven, (would change depending on what year she is placed into, there'd just be an six year difference between them) is one of the biggest parts of Eleanor's world, whether she'll admit it or not.

The attachment, though, is believed to have derived from the fact growing up, she was often the one taking care of her sister. It wasn't like her parents abandoned ship. They were home every night, sometimes took off on the weekends, and occasionally prepared their breakfast if they had time before they took off for work at the Ministry. But during the afternoons after Eleanor's muggle school and Alice's daycare, that was all Eleanor. Looking after the toddler, making sure she was fed and happy, keeping one eye open as to prevent Alice from wandering out the second story window. And on top of that, she was often the one taking her sister home. Stopping by the center after classes and walking her little sister the block or two home. Her parents, multiple times, had offered to hire a nanny, but Eleanor wouldn't hear it. Family first and family last, which, to be honest, is probably something their grandmother had stitched into a throw pillow. One that was most likely resting on her bed at home.

Her life wasn't a tragic one though, no dramatic backstory to be found with Eleanor thats for sure. The involvement in Alice's life may have caused a little more maturity to spike up in the places others may be lacking, but then again, she's still a kid, and defiantly not one who's business all the time. The woes, for the most part, came few and fast. There were the occasional fights the occurred between the parents and the child, but Eleanor isn't one to misbehave. She tends to respect her mother more than anyone, though, aware that many women don't hold as prestigious position as Eden does. Her mother probably functioning as the reason Eleanor has her heart set on a Ministry job herself.

Upon turning eleven she received her letter from Hogwarts, not, that she hadn't been expecting it. After many twirls around the room and her parents celebratory dinner a shopping list was arranged and that summer they trekked out to Diagon Ally. A wand was purchased along with a cat -a silver tabby by the name of Iridescence- and before she knew it she was being shipped off to Hogwarts. Arrival at the school was met with a mouth wide open, taking in the sights of the castle and all that it incased. As the years passed by she gained more experience, her completely childish intake of the wizarding world fading, though by no means disappearing. Each summer is spent at home with her family, sharing stories or elaborating on the numerous owls sent home. With her mothers urging she's spent her time studying, making friends -or as her father likes to tease, forming 'connections'-, or participating in the clubs. And she'd be lying if she told you she didn't have her eye on the Prefect badge. Her mother and her grandmother, who was also a witch, both were active Prefects in the school, making the wanting only that much more drastic. And at her fathers request, she'd been looking into Quidditch, even agreeing to practice with him over the summer, or before she went to Hogwarts, on the weekends.


House Request: where ever you think she fits

Eleanor is a piece of work, that's for sure. At a quick glance, she is a hard worker, witty, quick to throw a sharp comment, and a pretty big extrovert. Though her most forth-coming trait -expressed in her classes where those who don't hang around her see her most- would be her drive to learn. Desperate not to end up a housewife of a nurse, no offense to the nurses as Eleanor would add, she strives to excel in everything, even if that leaves her with a couple embarrassing mistakes. But let's start with the cons, end on a good note shall we?

For starters, she's independent. And that, folks, is counted as a flaw because it's to the point where it's obnoxious. Which is another word one could use to describe her. This is a girl who's got enough fire in her to light up a whole city. Snappy, feisty, and someone who doesn't mind telling you each and every way you're flawed. That's where the obnoxious comes from, or, partly. She tends to be a tad oblivious when it comes to other emotions. Recognizing what's rude or kind isn't really the problem, it's more acknowledging their there and then dealing with them. Long story short, you'll have to be pretty darn close to this one if you plan on having a heart to heart. Because most of the time, it's the hard hitting facts she'll be spitting at you. We could all use a little brutal honesty, couldn't we? Eleanor included. Honesty, if you hadn't figured so yet, is something she holds highly, above many other traits in fact. A lie to her is the equivalent of plotting to have her head served up on a platter. So in other words, don't. Forgiveness is another trouble area of Eleanor's. She has a hard time dealing with those who she believes have wronged her, and while she's slowly working on it, grudges seem to just be a part of her. Along with that though, when she holds a grudge it's never pretty. She falls into the passive aggressive box, but don't take 'passive' as a way of saying her anger doesn't flare quite as bright. If hers minds set on cruelty there's little hope for that relationship making it out alive. And along with being apologized to, she finds it hard to apologize to others. Because lets face it, there's a little pride in everyone, she just has a little more than others and a harder time putting it aside.

But there's more to be said about Eleanor than just the issues she's got. No matter how harsh she comes across, it's never to be mean. Her intentions, are most often pure. Lies are something she believes to be the spurn of evil, so why keep secrets. This doesn't mean she's going to go and blab her friends business to the school. But if whispered words are endangering others than you can bet it's going to be hard for her to keep her lips sealed. Though most people can sleep in peace knowing that this is a girl who will never tell a lie to your face, and if she has, well you can bet there was a good reason for it. Along with honesty, she values her friends and family. While she's not big on cuddling or coddling, those who hold a place in her heart are held above all else. House loyalty and dare I say it, her education. And on a less serious note, she's often just fun to be around. Witty, sarcastic, and proud of her ability to come up with clever comebacks in record breaking time. Eleanor, with all her flaws, is always willing to share a laugh, whether it be with her large group of acquaintances or small inner circle of those she holds dear.

A thin, lithe limbed girl that stands around 5'2 with a fair skin tone that borders on pale. She had shoulder length, auburn/reddish hair that naturally holds a bit of wave. Her eyes are prominent on her angular face, complimented by long lashes and full pale pink lips. 


A flower twirled between the red-head's fingers as she rubbed the stem between her pointer finger and her thumb. Bored would defiantly be a good word to describe how she was feeling at the moment. Her eyes followed an oldish looking boy as he trekked across the garden, apparently searching for something. A rat, she had heard him just say. Sweeping forwards, the student attempted to get a better view. In the process she managed to trip over the stump of a cut bush, sending her stumbling into a tree. There was no way she was remaining unnoticed now.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare"

And there it was. The words hummed in her ears as Eleanor emerged from her spot in the shadows. She wasn't big on lurking, it was rather creepy in her opinion, but it was almost comical how frantic the boy was whilst he searched for his rat. And had she not tripped and alerted the student of her presence, the probability of her watching that whole ordeal play out was high. Yet once again, she had stumbled into another awkward situation. Klutzy at best, complete mess at worst, there was something to be said about grace when it came to Eleanor. And it was simply that she wasn't it. But enough of her flaws, she was to deal with the situation at hand.

"No, but maybe I can help you... find a tissue perhaps?" she snorted, grinning as she stepped closer to the boy. Her voice played on innocent, and if the person receiving her voice wasn't able to get a good glimpse at her facial expression than that might have been their perception. Sadly, this boy, whoever he was, had a clear view of the playful glint that often shone in her eyes, borderline mischievous really. "I"m Eleanor, Eleanor Castillo" she stated, sobering herself up and stopping the light chuckling that had accompanied her previous comment. Which, she would admit, might have been a little rude. Coddling wasn't, in anyway, a speciality of hers. "And you are.." The auburn haired girl extended her hand, before recalling how sloppily he had whipped his nose on his sleeve. Blue eyes darted from his hand to his nose twice, thrice, before her hand slipped behind her back.

"It, er, doesn't matter, do you want help?" she asked as she was practically desperate to move the conversation along. Yeah, the move she had just made was the absolute definition of rude, but what was she to do? Shake his possibly snot coated hand? Eleanor wasn't a germaphobe but that was a stretch, even for her. Rocking back and forth on her heels, she let out a small huff. Hopefully his rat would turn up soon, or she might have to come up with an excuse and bail. She wasn't against helping others, per-say, but she had work to do and her class effort wasn't going to slip because some boy couldn't keep track of his pets. A little cold, yes, but she was dealing with a boy who had just whipped snot all over his school robes. The rat should be the least of his problems, perhaps he should be searching the textbooks for a cleaning charm. A small grin flickered across her face, laughing merrily within the confines of her mind at her lamely attempted joke.

"You, um, think this will take long?"


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