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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Adelaide Baskerville

Birthday: January 13th 1936 (estimated)

Hometown: Windsor, England

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): Year one or year two.

Biography: (305 words) Adelaide remembers nothing of her muggle life; she was, after all, only a year old when the time warp happened, and she was discovered, alone, in the outskirts of Windsor. Adelaide was placed into an orphanage, where her memories are fuzzy – but in an environment where she was “just another orphan”, Addie’s desire for recognition and attention reared its head and she learned the masterful arts of causing drama, manipulation, thievery (though that was just for fun) and playing whatever role the situation called for. Addie was a popular, mischievous and highly-disapproved of girl in this orphanage, which could explain why she was never adopted.

Adelaide was six when she was identified as a muggleborn witch, leading her to be moved to a different orphanage (Addie couldn’t really tell the difference between a muggle orphanage and a magical one) where she was forced to wear the shiny M badge which seemed to kickstart the prejudices of her peers. It was in this time Adelaide learned to defend herself – both verbally and physically – and she quickly learned that no magical folk cared for “her kind.” In the magical world, Adelaide would face discrimination wherever she went, from disgusted stares to outright yelling of slurs. Addie learned to be on her guard at all times and to hold herself high; after all, nobody cared for her kind. If she wanted to be considered worth something, the only person who would was her.

When she was ten, she received her Hogwarts acceptance letter (after having to physically stop an older boy from tearing it up). Adelaide was shocked; a wizarding school would accept a muggleborn? Maybe someone out there did care about muggleborns…? She was almost too lost in her daydream to kick away some pureblooded orphan from taking her letter. Hands off, she thought. This. Is. Mine.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Surprise me.

Personality: Adelaide Baskerville is, at her surface, a boisterous and energetic girl with a somewhat insensitive sense of humour and a tendency to make herself the centre of attention (plus a fiery temper and complete intolerance of discrimination). When placed in an unfamiliar environment, Adelaide’s desire to please kicks in and she will do whatever necessary to get her audience laughing. Addie has always been a crowd-pleaser, and she finds that she’d much rather be the class clown than the girl with her hair draped over her face, sitting at the back and pretending not to exist. She finds everything much more fun this way.

She is insecure; requiring validation from people she barely knows and her best friends alike, Addie finds herself constantly vying for everyone’s attention no matter what. If there’s a lot of people, then there’s a crowd to please and Adelaide knows just what to do to loosen up tension. However, catch her alone and you may find that while she is still bright and a grinning goofball, she can also be surprisingly sensitive – the heat of hitting her stride often blinds her to her more offensive humour. Once she gets used to this whole “magic” thing, she’ll discover her love of pranks, too.

Appearance: Pale skin and bright blue eyes, Adelaide’s nose and cheeks are adorned with freckles and her hair is a pale blonde. For an eleven-year old, Addie is average height, though she secretly wishes she were the tallest. She looks best when her straight blonde hair is tied up intricately with ribbons and bows and whatnot, but personally Adelaide can’t be bothered with all of that and just leaves it loose.

She has a snub nose that is slightly upturned, and while she’ll huff and claim it makes her look like a pig, it only adds to the “cute” factor. Her physique is skinny, and she hates it – other girls are “jealous”, but Adelaide thinks it makes her look ill. She’d rather be chubby. As she grows older, she’ll grow into the figure. Addie has unnaturally small hands.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Option 2:
Adelaide squeaked a little as she heard an unnaturally loud sneeze. Sheesh, had someone been inhaling the pollen? Turning her head, the girl padded quietly – you know, just in case – over to the source of the noise; only to find a towering fifth-year wiping his nose on his robes. Addie grimaced in disgust without thinking about it.

It was rude to stare? Hmph. “It’s also rude to wake the dead like that. I thought there was a thunderstorm coming or something.” The pale girl huffed in response, rocking on the heels of her feet. She had a tongue sharp as a knife, and it’d get her in serious trouble someday. But for now, Adelaide was fully content sassing her peers. ”What’cha doing sniffing flowers anyway? The pollen’s not there to inhale.” Addie tacked on, eyeing the older boy warily. Come to think of it properly, what on Earth had he been doing?

Sniffing as she glanced around, the girl suddenly froze. There was… There was a rat in one of the flowerpots. Inhaling heavily as she stepped away from the rat (that was, thankfully, about a metre away), Adelaide placed her palms to the side of her face and released a bloodcurdling scream of horror. A rat! It probably had diseases and stuff! What if it diseased the flowers?!

Of course, Addie didn’t know the rat belonged to the stuck-up older boy she’d just spoken to. If she knew, she’d probably call him a rotter and start crying, and then accuse him of something dramatic for attention. Like.. setting the rat on her intentionally. Yeah, that’d get her attention, all right. What a good plan.
(275 words)


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None.

How did you find us?: Through a roleplaying recommendation site.

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