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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Elspeth Arianne Throckmorton

Birthday: 12 June 1929

Hometown: Oxford, England -- Resides in Derbyshire

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): First, second.


She was seven when she left the city, she and her brother. Francis was older by two years but it did not make him better, even if Elsie cried more than he did. She could hardly help it. Fathers did not just disappear but theirs apparently had, and they were told together that he was gone-- poof, like that.

She doubted the existence of magic, because if he was really gone-- poof, like that-- there were spells that could find him. There were. But they weren't even trying.

The air had crackled the day they left, she remembered. Crisp, in the way only Decembers could be, and the tears had left a cold trail against her cheeks, touched by freezing wind and dried into a film of ice.

Elsie made no noise, because it was unladylike to cry out in the first place.

When they arrived in the country it was snowing. The cottage was full when they entered, ushered in by Aunt Anthea and clucked over by Uncle Dario and Uncle Roth and Aunt Holiday. The pale faces of their cousins, hers and Francis', peeked through the tines of the railings overhead like ghosts, expressionless but pitiful.

"It's true, then?" Aunt Holiday's voice was distant and hollow, like the voices on papa's old radio. "Angus is dead?"

Aunt Anthea had clutched Elsie's shoulders then and Elsie felt her nod.

Francis' eyes were on the floor but Elsie turned slowly to look up at Aunt Anthea, because she was lying and lying was a sin.

"You're a liar. Take me home. I have to go back to school tomorrow."

"Darling girl," was all her aunt replied, and her voice sounded like tears. Hands clutched Elsie more tightly, and that made her angry. "Darling girl."

Francis called her an idiot and that was when Elsie wrenched out of Aunt Anthea's claw-hands and pushed him as hard as she could. He stumbled, into the wall, but Elsie did not see; she had made for the door in a frenzied dash and burst out into the snow, coat unbuttoned and shoes seeping.

Her fine clothes were not meant for this sort of weather and maybe she heard voices calling to her from the little cottage but Elsie did not turn to listen. She could not hear, ice in her hair and lacing through her eyelashes, air blue and freezing.

Mother had always been dead and that was simply a fact. Elsie did not feel sad about her mother because she did not remember her. Sometimes Francis described her but for Elsie it was good as a fairy story, and that did no good at all.

If she remembered back, very far back, she could remember a grand house in the woods with stone walls and carved railings but she had grown up in London, with Francis and papa and no mother, down the street from her academy and very close to where papa worked at the Ministry.

But she did not live there anymore, and hadn't for several years.

Her first three nights at the little cottage were fitful and tired but eventually she allowed herself to be tamed, and though she remained adamant that Aunt Anthea was lying about the whereabouts of her papa he still did not turn up to take she and Francis back to London, and so Elsie resigned to protest.

Life at the cottage (Westen, they called it) was peaceful, and quiet. Uncle Roth and Aunt Holiday lived over the crest, through the straw-field, and sometimes Aunt Anthea took the children there for picnics in the summer, Cousin Leigh and Cousin Jude trailing along behind their mother and chattering like thrushes.

Elsie preferred not to talk. She went a week once without saying a word and Uncle Dario thought she must have been hexed; but the truth was she simply had nothing to say.

That was when she was eight, and papa still had not returned. By the time she was nine, and then ten, her posture was perfect and her penmanship passable and Francis had already been to Hogwarts for two years. Gryffindor, he wrote, was the best house of them all, though that's where Leigh was too and she was so annoying, at least there's Cousin Cillian to keep me company.

Papa was dead and that was simply a fact that Elsie accepted. Seasons came and went and Decembers froze and thawed and that was that.


House Request: I am at your mercy.

Personality: Cold and a little flighty, Elsie is a very sober child. She has a vibrant imagination which often leads her mind to strange places, and she very easily jumps to conclusions; but, still, she has a smartness to the way she speaks, and it is never without a reason. She rarely hesitates in speaking her mind, and has been regarded as rather blunt and sometimes bossy. In a phrase, Elsie does not suffer fools lightly.

Appearance: Of very average height, she is willowy and moves airily but not without purpose. Her eyes are gray and rather large and severe. She could be thought of as a pretty child if she were to smile more, perhaps, but her mouth is more often pressed into a thin line, out of annoyance.


Her robes were long and they reached the floor, and they reminded her of a ballgown.

Elsie did not think she'd like to wear a ballgown, as they were too big and too showy; she preferred more sensible clothing in which it was easy to move, that did not make plaited hair look unfashionable.

Fashion was important, and that was what Aunt Anthea told her. First impressions and good impressions and a lady must always look her finest without overstating her beauty.

It was important, and Elsie's shoes shone against firelight as she tap-tapped down the corridor. She needed the library because it was quiet and she wanted to write a letter home to Cousin June. The common room was too rowdy.

Solitude. For a castle too big to imagine it was certainly hard to find quiet spaces to work and be alone, but Elsie usually managed.


"Hey! Wait up!"

She stopped in her tracks but did not turn around, heaving a sigh. The older girl's footsteps echoed off the walls, abrasive, and finally Elsie turned on her heel to listen to what she had to say.

Maybe she should have just kept walking.


"What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross."

Prim, Elsie's lips pressed together and she did not scowl or roll her eyes.

"Yes, it is a delicacy. Just because it isn't to someone's taste doesn't mean that it isn't good or isn't edible. I happen to enjoy frog's legs."

She had never tried frog's legs.


Previous Characters: Dacian E-L, Cassy E-L, Nem E-L, Lucretius Chaucer, Lucienne Chaucer (AND MORE!)

How did you find us?: ♪ Para bailar la Google ♪

Roles still available-- including adults!



Englund ・ Mercier ・ Throckmorton

bloodline without the attitude ---

Not all pureblood families are hoity-toity and prejudiced, dressed in uncomfortable fashions and staring down at those beneath them. The Merciers are humble, and have been since they crossed the English Channel from France in the late 1600s. They have the bloodline but not the attitude, and their biggest piece of real estate is an apothecary in Diagon Alley, which has been in business since 1730. They aren't wealthy, but nor are they poor.

idyllic country life ---

The Merciers don't even have a head of family. They have a grandmother and grandmother whom they respect, of course, but no one person governs what they say and do-- and they like it that way. Instead, they have two houses in Derbyshire, the Airy House and Westen Cottage, which house the majority of the living family. As they are within walking distance of one another, the residents spend much time visiting one another.

a big, happy family ---

Since the relative destruction of the whole of the Throckmorton line, Dario Mercier and his wife Anthea (residents of Westen Cottage) took in their niece and nephew, Elsie and Francis; the last remaining Throckmortons.. It's been a few years since, and the children seem to have adapted well to their new surroundings-- and new way of life. The other children in the family seem to have taken to them well, and their addition seems to be natural.

there are 7 available children.
the details.
These descriptions are more suggestions than anything else-- if you have a different vision for them, PM me and tell me!

francis throckmorton ・ 13 ・ westen cottage
Confident and bold, Francis is (technically) the head of the Throckmorton family, and likes to try to tell his little sister Elsie (and many others) what to do because of it. That said, he is protective of his sister and would do much anything to do so-- it was just he and she, for awhile, and he won't ever forget that. Francis is adventurous and proud, and prefers exploring and Quidditch to school. Something of a jokester, he is very good at teasing the girls especially.

leigh mercier ・ 16 ・ westen cottage
Leigh hates her first name, Catherine. She was eight when she first insisted upon others calling her by her middle name, and has been called as such ever since. A romantic, Leigh spends much time dreaming; probably more than she should. She adores novels and taking luxurious walks, and is much more prone to call people "darling" than many others her age. She is also known to become flustered at the sight of a good-looking boy, and blushes very easily.

jude mercier ・ 13 ・ westen cottage
Jude is what others have called a "homebody" and a "mommy's boy." He worries constantly, and often fears he is becoming ill. Content to stay at home, Jude has found a talent in baking with his mother, but has had little means to perfect it for the reason that Francis often drags him outside for adventures with their cousin Cillian. He is good-natured however, and polite, and hardly knows how to be cruel.

noel mercier ・ 14 ・ airy house
A serious young man, Noel is something of an old soul. He is pragmatic and thoughtful, having a head for philosophy and literature but a heart for adventure. He is careful and has many leadership qualities, but is not at all uptight. Something of a ringleader for his three younger cousins, always keeping a watchful eye where one needs to be had, keeping Francis in check and offering a comforting alternative when Jude frets. He is protective of his sisters and does not take kindly to those who treat them badly.

juliet mercier ・ 13 ・ airy house
Juliet is bossy, but she means well. She often spends time clucking over the boys, having somewhat of a motherly streak to her, and will often be a help when one of them scrapes his knees or some such. Juliet often scolds them and calls them wicked when she really means they're insufferable, because they tease her mercilessly. She likes wearing ribbons in her hair and playing with dolls, but deep down she wants to run with the boys also, and get her knees dirty just as they do. She could, if she wanted, but she feels an obligation to look after June at home, and so stays around home more often than not in order to fulfill that obligation. She rather idolises Leigh.

june mercier ・ 10 ・ airy house
The youngest of the children, June is definitely treated as such. She is a carefree and happy child, but the instant something is amiss someone swoops to the rescue and she is placated quickly. Because of this she may come off rather spoiled, but overall she is a sweet and generous child, and adores her older sister and cousin Elsie especially, and follows them around often. She scares easily but overcomes her fears just the same. She enjoys picking flowers and and catching tadpoles in the Fishing Pond and being read stories to at bedtime, especially by her father.

crispin englund ・ 16 ・ airy house TAKEN
Called The Fox by his Aunt Holiday when he was younger, Crispin is very cunning. He is a good liar and is especially good at putting on a façade to suit whomever it is he is trying to get on with. He does not connect well to others, and most relationships he has outside of family are used more for tools and personal gain than an actual desire for relationships, and as such he "lets in" very few people. If there is an elitist among these peaceful families, it is most definitely him. Crispin has a strong connection with his pureblood roots, and has ambitions to rise into the Ministry.

cillian englund ・ 13 ・ airy house
Impressionable, loud, kinesthetic... Cillian spends much of his time with Francis devising ways to explore the forest surrounding the houses, or to catch frogs from the Fishing Pond. If he is rude or cold it is because he wants to come off a certain way, not because he truly feels it; he conforms easily, very much the social chameleon, and conversely is able to stick out when he feels it will benefit him. Unlike his brother however he truly does care for people, and values the relationships which he does have, especially in Francis.

there are 5 open adults.

dario mercier
   ・father of leigh and jude
anthea mercier (née throckmorton)
   ・mother of leigh and jude
roth mercier
   ・father of noel, juliet, and june
holiday mercier (née penberthy)
   ・mother of noel, juliet, and june
spencer englund
   ・father of crispin and cillian
abigail englund (née mercier)
   ・mother of crispin and cillian

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