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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Aoife MacAffey

Birthday: August 20, 1941

Hometown: Just outside of Rye, East Sussex, England

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 1, 2


Aoife enjoys painting, climbing trees, wearing large hats at tea time, and spending time with her mum.  The truth is her mum rarely goes anywhere without her and people rarely come over.  It never really bothered Aoife because she always had so much to do.  Mother said it was because others didn't like being told what they were doing wrong. Aoife never understood that.  Why wouldn't someone want to know how to be better?  Did they want to continue walking around being dumb? All Aoife knew is that when she told them how to play correctly they always made a face and did not come over anymore.  Seriously, why would they want to continue doing it wrong?  People made no sense. 

Aoife lives in a miniaturized castle and it has the proper number of ghouls for proper shenanigans. The garden is full of gnomes and everything is decorated in pink. Aoife spends hours going through the piles of treasures shoved into teeny-tiny spaces magiced to be bigger on the inside and always enjoys herself immensely.

The only time of day Aoife does not have fun is when her mother makes her sit down for her lessons.  Supposedly Hogwarts is not a sure thing and a proper wizard never leaves anything to chance.  Mum was always saying things like that because she was famous she cared what other people thought.  Except for clothes.  The louder the better in that case.  It was better to be in front of the new fashions instead of following behind and sometimes that meant others had something to say.  At least that's what mum always said.

Aoife wasn't even sure she wanted to go to Hogwarts.  It was probably going to be full of boring people with attitudes.  Worst of all, mum couldn't go unless it was an official visit.  Seriously, the whole mess was more than Aoife wanted to deal with.  She had mud puddles to jump in and frogs to dress up and invite to dinner.  You know, proper fun.  Hogwarts might be a bigger castle than the one she lived in, but that did not mean it was better.  Quite the opposite--it looked cold and mouldy and stupid and she wasn't going.  Mum would have to find her first and make her.  And there were dozens of great hidey-holes that mum hadn't found yet.  She'd just take tea in one of those for a few weeks and miss the train.  Yes.  That was the perfect plan.  She'd just leave mum a quick note and one she emerged after the start of term mum would give her hugs and say she was sorry and all would be forgiven since Aoife would be allowed to stay at home. 

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Any.

Tell us a bit about your character’s personality (likes, dislikes, fears, etc.) What are they like on a good day versus a bad one? Is your character particularly cheerful? Do they hate sunlight?  Aoife is bossy, stubborn, free-spirited, and good-hearted.  She always wants to help others but never seems to do it in a way that makes them happy about it.  She lives in the moment and does not care much for rules.  She is quick on her feet but does not care for books.  She prefers to learn with her hands and to experience things herself.  She likes to sing, although she isn't very good at it, and she does not understand the concept of personal space.  Aoife expects others to pick up after her since her house elf always has in the past.  She has too many important things to do to be bothered with chores or work. 

Briefly describe your character's appearance (hair color, build, stature, etc.) What effect does it have on their personality? For example, does the shy Ravenclaw girl secretly dye her hair black because she hates her natural blonde? Does the curly-haired Gryffindor use charms to hide his freckles?

Aoife is tiny is tiny in stature.  Not only because she is one of the youngest of her class, but because her family is impish in stature.  She has red hair that is somewhere between orange and auburn and cannot seem to make up its mind.  It is curly and unmanageable and largely left to its own devices.  Freckles are not allowed on  MacAffey faces. She wears bright colors and many layers of clothes with large hats and overstated jewelry.  Clothing is not picked on any particular aesthetic but instead of on how she feels about each piece in the moment.  Her eyes are green.  She looks sweet and spirited and then she opens her mouth and one wonders how someone so small could be so loud and without proper manners when dealing with others. 

Note: This section is only for students who have been previously played at Hogwarts. Please see here for more information about Castle Dropouts levels/how many levels you are eligible to claim.

Link to your last levels request (if you never posted one, link to your last accepted student application):

Number of New Levels Requested:

New Levels Request:

How your character kept up with their studies: Whether your character was still at Hogwarts or left school entirely for a while, tell us how they were able to keep up with their studies and learn about magic, which would allow their levels to keep increasing.

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions, not Evangeline's or Hugh's.

Option I:

The dungeons. A place eleven-year-old Evangeline had not yet travelled since her arrival at Hogwarts.

A place she really was just fine with not knowing; but it was too late. The dare had been accepted, even if it had been done in fear of being kicked out of Gryffindor, like the older girls had said she would because Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.

The air changed instantly when she hit the main corridor of the dungeons. The dampness was almost too much for her and she instinctively took a deep breath to avoid the sensation of being suffocated. There was also a sour burning smell which Evangeline assumed was from many, many Potions lessons.

Further and further she walked, her steps so slow and gentle they made no noise against the stone walls and floor. The feeling that she wasn't alone crept up her spine and raised the tiny hair on the back of her neck. Shivering, Evangeline wrapped her arms around herself. Suddenly, she missed the warmth and comfort of the Gryffindor common room. The fire was always going and it made her feel at ease.

Why had she let those girls talk her into this? She was only eleven, she didn't have to be brave. Surely the Headmistress would not kick her out of Hogwarts for not being brave.

If only she had these thoughts while being dared to search for the ghost of one Emma Birch, whom supposedly haunted the dungeons. It was not, Evangeline had learned, the place where the sixteen-year-old girl's life had ended but as she had been from the house with a snake as its mascot, it was the place her spirit had returned to. That common room was down here somewhere, she'd been told.

Something - the small blonde girl wasn't quite sure what - but something made her stop in her tracks suddenly. There was a low, dull thumping noise. Or maybe that was her heart beating so loudly she thought it was coming from outside her body.

"H-h-hello?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Remembering that she was supposed to be brave, Evangeline tried again.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The sound of her own words bouncing back at her off the walls made her jump.

"You're not allowed down here you know."  Aoife stepped out of the shadows and looked down her nose at the other girl.  Quite a feat since Aoife was so small.  Never-the-less, Aoife held herself like a queen and slowly circled the girl.  Aoife had seen the girl many times since the sorting but she had never bothered to learn her name.  After all, she would have simply forgotten it and it was easier to not know.  People always became so upset when you called them by the wrong name so it was easier to avoid the whole mess together. 

The girl obviously didn't know Aoife so she replied quietly, "I am Emma Birch."  Aoife took a step toward the girl and laughed quietly. "What do you want?"


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): Cameron Hir, Rebecca Russell, Maddy Mantache, Taela MacAffey, Roelle Bennett-Leighton, and so many others I can't remember.

How did you find us?: A random internet search in 2001. 

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Hi Aoife!

Seeing as you already applied with Aoife and played her as a first year during the 1944-45 term, you won't be able to reapply as a first year again. This is primarily because by doing so, you would alter the histories of other characters who might have interacted with Aoife previously (e.g. housemates, classmates, professors, etc.)

Given that Aoife would have graduated in the 1950-51 term, you won't be able to apply with her as a Hogwarts student again. However, you can always apply as an Elsewhere adult with her or make a new character with a different name instead. Seeing as your application/biography is different to your initial application in 2015, you are more than welcome to simply tweak this application to fit a new character, if you do decide to go down that route.

If you could let us know below whether you'd like the application to be archived straight away, or whether you'd like to repost it under a different character, that would be great. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or another administrator. Thanks!

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I honestly do not remember playing her at all!  I thought I made the account and it was just sitting.  I will make a new character account later today to use with this bio.  Please leave this here so I can utilize the information.  Thank you! 

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You can move/get rid of this one now.  I've posted a new character using this info.