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Zolderane Zukanovic

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Name: Zolderane Zukanovic
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (Born October 15th 1945)
Bloodline: Pureblood
Parents: (Non-played Characters) Zunairah Ziva and Zakariah Zion Zukanovic
Residence: 50 Victoria Road, Oxford, England
Place Connection: Primary School
Character Group: No
Biography: Zolderane Zelda Zukanovic is a pureblood witch. Both her father,  Zakariah Zion Zukanovic, and her mother, Zunairah Ziva Zukanovic, are Aurors. Zolderane has brown hair that blends to become blond at the tips of her hair, she has seafoam green eyes with five freckles under each one, a button nose and tortoiseshell glasses.  She is 150 centimetres tall and weighs 35 kilograms. Zolderane loves to learn as about everything she can do research about and always wants everyone to feel included and will invite them to hang out with her if they are alone. Zolderane is also extremely brave and, but she does not do anything without a systematic plan. Zolderane’s favourite saying is ‘May my heart be kind, may my mind be wise and may my soul be brave’. She is interested in potions, charms, transfiguration, history of magic, herbology, defence against the dark arts, astronomy, muggle studies, ancient runes, care of magical creatures, arithmancy and divination. Zolderane’s favourite colour is sky blue and her favourite food is pizza. Zolderane’s first sign of magic appeared just after she was born. The nurse had just put her to bed and was going to get the teddy bear that Zunairah told her to give to Zolderane when it was suddenly was in the babies arms. The nurse thought that Zackariah had wrapped the bear in the cloths. However, when Zunairah and Zackariah were asked if they had put the bear in the cloth they told the nurse they did but they knew that this was Zolderane’s first signs of magic and promised that they would tell everyone they trusted about it.
Roleplay: Zolderane saw the little girl's tantrum as her brother played the seekers role in Quidditch, which she knew was the best sport that ever existed. Zolderane had been trained by her parents to be able to use simple but effective spells so she could help people in need if there were no of age witches or wizards around. This time there were witches and wizards everywhere but they were all watching the older children play. Zolderane went to the little girl and asked her if she would like to play a little game in the middle of the court with some other little children. The little said yes so Zolderane went and found thirteen other young children and told them to get into two teams of seven while she got all the equipment ready. She made sure all the toy brooms were able to ascend and descend a few feet so that they could feel like they were actually playing Quidditch. She enchanted the snitch so that it would stay within the border that she had drawn. The downsized all the other balls and the goal hoops and made the bludgers less ferocious. It was now ready for the children to play.
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Marina Lamont

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Hi Zolderane and welcome to our site!

Your application is nicely detailed, and that's always wonderful to see!

However, before we can accept your application, there are some issues with your Roleplay sample.

First, you mention several times that Zolderane is already proficient in magic. However, children are not issued a wand until they are admitted to Hogwarts in the summer before their first year. This means Zolderane would not be able to practice nor perform the spells mentioned in your sample.

For more information on how magic works on this site, feel free to look over our Magical Rules.

Furthermore, in your roleplay samble, you control Janey's actions in addition to Zoldane's. This is powerplaying, and goes against site rules.

You may control only your character. You cannot post that someone’s character did something or said something without having that player's permission beforehand. This includes impersonating another character, or determining whether a spell your character uses affects the other character. An example of this would be:
          Correct: John asked Helen to come along, hoping that she would follow him to see the Squid. 
          Incorrect: John asked Helen to come along. Helen replied with a yes.

Once you've made the required changes, please repost your entire revised application and we'll be more than happy to give it another look.

Thank you,
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