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Archived Applications / Application: Olivia Allen
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Olivia Allen

Birthday: 21 February 1930

Hometown: London, England


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Seventh Year, Sixth Year

Olivia was born into the Allen family on February 21st 1930. She grew up in a little, quaint neighbourhood in London, and one would say her childhood was, well, normal. After five years of being the only child, Olivia’s parents decided to bring another into the story, resulting in her little sister Kaitlyn being born. Kaitlyn was always the complete opposite of Olivia, and still is now. With Olivia being the more reserved, introverted child of Dalton Allen and Kara Prewitt, and Kaitlyn being the loudest and more daring of the two, the little family of four were the most mundane any Muggles could get. Although Olivia grew up not knowing of her magical abilities at all, it was clear from the very beginning that she had such a wide imagination and intelligence above everyone else her age. She got through school particularly well, and never had a bad report - to her parents, she was the model daughter, and to her teachers, the model student. Being quiet and having a knack for learning is what gifted Olivia with such intelligence and a reputation for being a goody-two-shoes.

Some years later, a few months after Olivia’s eleventh birthday, her letter arrived from Hogwarts. Both Olivia and her parents could not wrap their heads around the idea at first, and Olivia had even tried to convince herself that it was probably some silly prank the older years sometimes liked to play on the smaller neighbourhoods of London. But, like magic of course, Olivia slowly began to realise over the course of one week, that what she had read on that letter addressed to her was actually true; and funnily enough to Olivia, her parents didn’t hesitate once before they agreed on her theory of the whole thing not being a prank at all. She did as she was told on her letter, and was accompanied by one of the professors with her parents as they went to buy her supplies from Diagon Alley, something that made the whole situation feel even more surreal. Olivia was absolutely fascinated by everything in the wizarding world, even though she has gotten used to most of the magic by now.

Pepper, Olivia’s tiny cinnamon screech owl, was bought when she had spotted him inside one of the shop windows and watched him for so long whilst her parents and their guide toured Diagon Alley and picked up her school supplies. By the time her parents had come back, books and parchment were spilling out of their arms, and they noticed Olivia’s particular liking for the little bird in the window and decided to buy him for her, for how proud they were of her. Olivia, over the moon now that she had a little friend to keep her company, waited in anticipation for September to arrive.

Olivia boarded platform 9 ¾ with no trouble when it was time for her to leave home, and though she cried a little and was a bit anxious about starting a magical school for witches and wizards across the globe, she couldn’t help but almost burst with excitement inside. She had done some light research on the train, on the way to Hogwarts, about the four houses, and decided that Hufflepuff would suit her best. Alas, she was sorted into Ravenclaw, and she quickly decided that this house definitely would be like her family. Six years later, and Olivia has completely warmed up to her house, and although she’s still very quiet, she doesn’t find it so daunting in Hogwarts anymore. She has passed through her school years particularly well, despite not having any idea of what she wants to do when she leaves.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Ravenclaw

Personality:It is quite clear, just by looking at her, that Olivia is a girl with patience and the most gracious manners. Though she could sometimes be stated by others as a bit of a goody-two-shoes, as she has a passion for learning and anything intellectual or artistic. With a love of books that is a little unhealthy, Olivia’s grades are above average in class, and always have been ever since she can remember, although unlike some others, she doesn’t want to admit or brag about her talents. She has a pure and innocent vibe about her, and can be described as weak and skittish. Olivia is quite shy upon first meeting her, and she is honest, trustworthy and responsible. Getting to know her and making her come out of her shell will take some time, but she can prove in the end that she’s a great friend to have. Olivia is also more of a listener than a talker, and so she seems easy to talk to and wouldn’t mind listening to other people’s problems at all. She is well-behaved and doesn’t like to do anything that can threaten her school report, so she tends to try and stick around people who are more sensible like herself. Although coming across as timid and gentle, Olivia has a burning passion for all things artistic and creative. She adores to paint and draw in her spare time, and is quite the daydreamer when she’s not in the classes she enjoys the most.

Appearance: Olivia’s appearance can be described most simply as dainty. With skin so pale and a darling little heart-shaped face, she has a very small and fragile build about her. She owns a pair of alerted tawny eyes, which are often hidden behind her locks of brown hair. Olivia usually styles her hair in a high ponytail, but on some occasions she will leave it down, where it will hang softly to just below her shoulders. She is very petite and baby-like about her body and is often told she looks young for her age, something she absolutely hates to hear.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Olivia’s little footsteps echoed along the floor of one of the hallways as she made her way to the place she seemed to visit most often at Hogwarts; the library. The corridors were unsurprisingly empty today - most students were off on a trip to Hogsmeade, but Olivia didn’t really seem all that bothered. Besides, there was plenty of work for her to get done today. Of course, she had only received her homework yesterday, and most of the pieces weren’t due in to be marked for another week or so, but they had been learning about a charm that Olivia was particularly interested in and couldn’t wait to do some research on. It was always in her best interest to make sure that she at least tried to master every charm and spell she possibly could, even if there were a few that she had still not gotten the hang of yet.

She stepped into the library, her aching arms already laden with heavy books she had yet to take back. Olivia even struggled to make her way over to her usual study desk, the textbooks were piled so high. She gently placed them onto the table, careful not to make any noise, because she knew how short-tempered the Hogwarts librarian could be. Olivia then took her time fishing out her quill and ink from her school bag, setting them proudly down next to her books. As she quietly cleared her throat and took a seat, she glanced out of the window to her left for no particular reason. That was the trouble with her; although she was focused in most of her classes, sit her by a window and she’d lose all focus getting caught up in her own daydreams. Olivia shook her head, trying to snap herself out of it. She had told herself this morning that she would get every piece of homework done that she possibly could - that way, she had the whole weekend to brush up on some more pleasured reading, once she had borrowed a few more from the library. Finally, she pushed up her sleeves and decided to get to work with a look of determination on her face.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None.

How did you find us?: On a list of the top Harry Potter roleplay sites.

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