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Author Topic: Lost in the Blackwoods <3  (Read 274 times)

Circe Blackwood

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Blackwood Family

(Please Note: some characters are due to change those characters aren't pictured. If you want one of those characters you can mold them to your liking. Age ranges will stay the same though.)

Teddy Blackwood
DOB: February 02, 1901 | Education: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw
Relationships: Linda Blanchard (wife, born 1903), Sinclair Blackwood (son, born 1923), Will Blackwood (son, born 1926), Oliver Blackwood (son, born 1931), Cecil Blackwood (son, born 1935)
Persona: Very firm. Likes to be in a power position, and expects a lot from his four sons. Secret alcoholic.
Face Claim: Robert Downey Jr

 Jonathan Blackwood
DOB: March 27, 1907 | Education: Hogwarts - Slytherin
Relationships: Georgina Hewlett (wife), Caesar Blackwood (son), Caci Blackwood (daughter), Circe Blackwood (daughter)
Persona: Huge family man, could come off harsh when warranted. Lover of life. He was especially fascinated with muggle studies. Ambitious in his own right.
Face Claim: James Van Der Beek

Rosie Blackwood
DOB: August 07, 1911 | Education: Hogwarts - Hufflepuff
Relationships: Edana Kingsley (daughter, born 1932), Caesar Blackwood (nephew/adopted son)
Persona: A lot of people say she's crazy, but she just likes trying new things. She's very adventurous and likes her kids to be themselves no matter what. She wants nothing more than to be on a beach so she daydreams a lot.
Face Claim: Twiggy

Jonathan's Family

Georgina Blackwood (Hewlett)
DOB: June 03, 1909 | Education: Hogwarts - Slytherin
Persona: Pureblood elitist. Very different from her husband besides for the fact that she lived for her children. She wanted them to grow up with the best of everything.
Face Claim: Christina Aguilera

Caesar Blackwood (twin)
DOB: October 12, 1933 | Education Privately tutored/Hogwarts
Persona: Raised by his eclectic aunt from his fathers side, he is goofy, and loves life just like his father had. Still suffering over the loss of his parent's and littlest sister, but you wouldn't know. He's very free spirited and doesn't let much bother him.
Face Claim: Gregg Sulkin

Caci Blackwood (twin)
DOB: October 12, 1933 | Education Privately tutored/Hogwarts
Persona: Pureblood elitist. Chose to be raised by her grandpa on her mothers side. She's a quiet girl, very smart. She's shy and doesn't really know how to talk to people. She misses her parents with a slight hate towards her little sister.
Face Claim: Mackenzie Foy

Circe Blackwood (presumed to be dead by most relatives)
DOB: September 19,1936 | Education: Hogwarts - Slytherin
Persona: Mischievous, outgoing, sort of dark. Likes power, and is almost always in control of herself. She can also be sweet when she wants to be, but that's only towards her closest friends or if she's in a very good mood. All she wants is to find out why she was abandoned.

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