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Author Topic: The Magical Duggars! Twitchett family giveaway!  (Read 486 times)

* Annabella Twitchett

    (04/12/2015 at 04:51)
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I have a whole bushel of Annabella's siblings to give away! She has FIFTEEN siblings, but some of them are a bit young, probably. But here's the list:
(girls are purple, boys are blue, approx birth dates in parentheses, *'s are twinz, can be identical or paternal) Most of the school agers would be Slytherin or Ravenclaw types, but I'm open to exceptions. I'm open to pretty much anything, so PM me if you have an idea!

*Blythe (Jan 1927) - graduated, married to a German Hexenreich member (NPC) with one baby
*Bellamy (Jan '27) - graduated, working at ministry
*Lucian (March '29) - graduated, probably/possibly in consideration as future head of the Blythe/Thatcher giant family, in competition with his twin and some other cousins.
*Lysander (March '29) - See above, ditto ^
Felix (Aug '30) - 7th year, poss more scheming than the older bros, but maybe less smart?
*Callidora (Dec ’31) - 5th year, could be vain & sassy, or vain & dumb. either way.
*Cassius (Dec '31) - 5th year, see above. These twins maybe creepily close?
Augustus (Feb ’33) - 4th year, very mischievous
Thaddeus (Jan ’34) - 3rd year, nerdy
Annabella (Apr ’35) - 2nd year, ME SORRY TAKEN (I'm cool tho)
*Hawthorne (Jul ’37)
*Hortensia (Jul ’37)
*Sunday (Apr ’39) Adopted by Zailey!
*Sapphira (Apr ’39) Adopted by Ariel!
Crispin (Nov ’42)
Dunstan (Sep ’45)
Phyllida (Dec ’46)

Also giving away the PARENTS, Dacian & Beatrix.

Soooo, PM me if you're interested with yo ideaz. I'm open to pretty much anything so you can do whatever.

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* Sunday Twitchett

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-is here for the party-

* Annabella Twitchett

    (27/01/2016 at 08:05)
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Awww, precious lil sis! <3

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* Annabella Twitchett

    (01/05/2016 at 00:03)
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