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Application for Hogwarts School


 Amedeo Fabiano Bianchi-Faust

 April 1st, 1936

 Milan, Italy


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):
Preferably first (or Second)

Amerigo Bianchi was born the second and last child (after his older brother, Dario, whom was always referred to by his full name, Dario Columbo Bianchi, because the boy was always in some type of trouble) to Armida Bianchi and Dante Bianchi, two rich purebloods. Amerigo, like his older brother before him, was raised with the finest things, rather it be food, clothes, or toys- it was all Amerigo's. He never went to a public school, but rather, was taught by a private tutor. If Dario was the bad son, Amerigo was the good one, caught up in his studies and not worrying about making silly childish pranks. Amerigo was proud of his family, and tried to hold the name well. Bite your tongue in confrontation, always take the high road. Be gracious in victory and humble in defeat.

When Amergo was twenty two years old, he came across a muggle woman named Brigitte Faust. The two were reaching for the last rose on display and ended up having a long conversation. Amerigo immediately fell in love. Brigitte was exotic, sweet, loud, and impulsive- everything he never was but always wished he could be. The two had a secretive whirlwind romance, filled with new experiences and lots of clumsy dancing. All good things have to come to an end, however, he was so in love that he forgot his common sense and just let himself feel. For once in his life, he knew what it was like to live on the edge and he was enjoying it.

He hadn't been thinking about it when he proposed to Brigitte. They were dancing, happy and free, and his heart was filled with the kind of love he would only have for her, and her only. Amerigo and Brigitte, partners in crime and everything else in between. In the middle of their third song, Brigitte had revealed she was pregnant, and the time just seemed right. Of course, Amerigo wouldn't blame the baby for his bad decision. It was his, and his alone.

Amerigo distanced himself from his family, and his mother kept demanding to know what was wrong with her baby boy, and Amerigo was running out of excuses. Brigitte grew irritable and cross because of the baby. The two had been together for a year and four months now, and she wanted to know why she couldn't meet his parents. Was he embarrassed of her? Because, as she minded him frequently with her hormones going wild, she could do much, much, better, but she loved him of all people. She was crazy for that, she would joke, tapping him on the nose and gently pushing his glasses up his nose.

If only she knew why.

When Brigitte was around six months pregnant, Amerigo's mother, father, grandfather, and uncle all gathered around him, screaming at him to get his head together and be the good, smart, pureblood and proud Bianchi man like he had always been. Amerigo couldn’t take the pressure anymore, so he let it slip that he was in love with a muggle woman, and he was immediately kicked out of the house and disowned.

"Mother, please!" Amerigo pleaded as he stood outside, his mother's hand firmly on the door. Armida always had a soft spot for his youngest son, and he was sure he would understand being in love with someone unconditionally. Tears streamed down his face, and he stared up at her with big brown eyes- so much like hers it hurt Armida to see them in such distress.

Armida set her jaw and narrowed her eyes not looking at him, but past him. She straightened her stance, and said stiffly. "You have made your choice, boy, and you have dishonored the noble and powerful house of Bianchi with your disgusting muggle mate, and the little disgrace you two will have. Please stay away from us, and keep your damned filthy blooded child away from us, or suffer the consequences." She looked into his eyes, and Amerigo was sure she was having second thoughts, but her expression hardened again and she slammed the door in his face.

"Damned filthy blooded child." Huh, funny.

Amerigo was lost, unsure what to do. He didn’t have a job yet and had been still coasting by on his family's money. He definitely couldn't afford a house. So he went to the only place he was sure he would always be welcome in: Brigitte's temporarily apartment. He broke down in tears and told her everything. About his family, his disownment, and his magic. And when he got it all of his chest he felt relieved, and leaned up for a kiss.

To his shock, Brigitte pushed him away.

She was furious at him for lying to her, and keeping such a big part of his life away from her. And that wouldn’t have been so bad, if he hadn't been a wizard, too. She didn't understand- she was scared of his power, and also, of the "monster child they would have." Brigitte pushed him out of her house, screaming, "Get your lying witch crafting self away from me and never come back again! And as soon as I have this demon disgrace, it's going straight to you!"

Amerigo found it funny that either way his baby would not be excepted. Brigitte wanted a normal baby who wasn’t magical, and his family didn’t want to have someone in their bloodline that was muggle. Either way, Amerigo and his baby couldn't win. It was sad, but ridiculously true. Strange.

Amerigo was sure he wouldn't be able to get back on his feet without the help of his brother, Dario. He was missing Brigitte horribly (who, he had heard from whispers on the streets of Milan, had moved back to his home in Paris, France) and wanted nothing else to see his mother, even if they had both hurt him. Dario secretly used his money to buy his little brother a small flat. Amerigo landed a job in Milan's School for Dragonology as a teacher (he'd gotten his degree while he was homeschooled). All was right with his world, even though he had no idea where his baby was.

Then, on April first, a small, red-faced, crying baby landed on his doorstep with a note that said, "I still love you! Haha, just kidding, April fool's day joke! Take your evil baby and stay away from me. Not-So-Sincerely, Brigitte." To this day, Amerigo had no idea how she got his address. When he held the little boy in his arms for the first time, he felt and immediate connection. The little boy didn’t have Brigitte's beautiful blonde hair, but he was gifted with her bright blue, sparkling doe eyes, and he saw so much of her that he couldn’t stare at them for long. He named the little boy Amedeo Fabiano Bianchi.

Amedeo had a good childhood. His father loved him enough for two people an he learned not to ask about his mother. Actually, Amedeo (or Deo Ragazzino, or little boy, as Amerigo affectionately called him) learned not to ask about a lot of things. Whenever he asked questions his father seemed to become very sad, so he kept them to himself. (Which was very difficult because Amedeo was a rather curious child, but he managed to keep quiet in the name of keeping his father happy.

Amedeo grew up in the halls of Milan's school for Dragonology. He was always there in his father's lessons, and the students knew him quite well. Like all Bianchi children, on top of Italian he was also taught French, English, and Spanish. Amedeo was set to start his schooling in the school for Dragonology after his fourth year in Milan's School of the Magical Arts, where even his father had colleagues, so he was sure he would do well. In fact, the young Italian was looking forward to starting his real education.

But then it happened: a letter came to Amerigo addressed from London. And that was alarming in its own way, seeing as though Amerigo didn’t know anyone from there, but when he recognized Brigitte's handwriting and he almost had a heart attack. He remembered the last letter he got from Brigitte, and that one broke his heart. But the man still read it. Apparently, she never got around to moving back to her home in France, but moved to England. And, she wanted him to move closer. The letter said she was finally ready to accept Amedeo and wanted to have a real relationship with him.

Dario said it was a bad idea, logic said it couldn’t work out, but Amerigo's heart said yes, so they moved, and Amedeo will be starting Hogwarts this fall. The young boy isn't exactly thrilled about leaving his home and the school he's always known. He's very wary of the woman trying to shove herself into a motherly role when he's gotten on just fine for eleven years without her. (She even made Amerigo hyphenate Amedeo's name) Amedeo is a very perceptive child, and he sees what his mother's presence does to his father, and he doesn’t like it. But if there's one thing he believes in, it's second chances, so as long as Brigitte tries, he will try, too.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.
House Request: Wherever you think he fits best. Actually, you can just shove him somewhere if you don’t have enough people in one House. I don’t mind.

Equipped with a blunt and cutting sense of humor, Amedeo loves to be the center of attention. He lives in the moment and loves action. He enjoys drama and passion- which is probably why he loves to read books and attend plays. Amedeo has always been curious and loves adventure. Rules are made to be broken, in his opinion, in the name of science and pursuing knowledge. Even though he may seen uninterested in the most unstimulating things, Amedeo thinks with rapid fire (which is why he's so good at making quick decisions) and thrives under pressure. However, if he gets to excited and he isn't careful enough, he might get too caught up in the moment, take things too far, and end up hurting more sensitive people and even damage his own safety. In the end, Amedeo is full of passion and energy and has a rational, if sometimes distracted, mind. But he's a beautiful charming boy who loves people and lives in color, taking the path less traveled.

Some may say that Amedeo is vertically challenged, but in his opinion, he's a perfectly normal height and everyone else  is just way too tall. He has light sea-blue eyes, and he's been told they're exactly like his mother's, down the naturally long eyelashes (don't judge him for being feminine, because he's pretty sure he's more attractive than a lot of other people) He has short, trimmed, light brown hair (his father had always worried that if a dragon attacked, his hair would catch fire) which he inherited from his father. He has a rather crooked smile, which Marina (the Headmaster of Milan School for Dragonolgy, a good friend of his father's) made him look like he was constantly up to something.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
He, Amedeo Fabiano Bianchi, was nothing if not an adventurous spirit. And he wasn’t exactly sure what was down in the dungeons, but he was determined to find out. He was curious, but also cautious at the same time. He gathered up a group of boys in his year to accompany him. He'd picked them out carefully- nothing too smart, and a lot of bulk on them in case of an emergency. Plus, none of these boys were actually friends, so if they got mad at him for leading them into a potentially dangerous situation, at least he wouldn't be upset if they stopped talking to him.

(That was Amedeo, always having the upper hand)

He wasn't quite sure if he was allowed down here, but he didn't care. He was very curious, and rules needed to be broken in the name of knowledge and satisfying his curiosity. Plus, he was pretty sure no one paid the rules any attention in this school. Students were up past the curfew every night, and there was always a great number of students in the supposedly forbidden forest. And, well, he couldn't get in trouble if everyone was doing wrong, could he?

Fantastic logic.

"Why are we down here, Amedeo?" On of the boys spoke.

Amedeo's eye twitched in annoyance. He was pronouncing it wrong- he was saying it Uh-me-dee-oh, and that was incorrect. It had always bothered him when the English got his name wrong- it wasn't that difficult. "It's Ah-may-DAY-o. It's not Divination, it's simple." (Amedeo had never had much difficultly with the subject, but he knew lots of other people did) He sniffed and brushed his clothes off. "We're exploring, Craig."

"I'm Gregg."

"Noted," he murmured. He tried to keep up with things like names (admittedly through a lot of spying) so he was always on top of everything he deemed important. He'd missed Gregg's name because sometimes people talked to fast and the mix of accents just became plain confusing. But still, he would learn. He always did.

Once Amedeo figured out it was safe, he dismissed the group of boys, telling them to go anywhere but here. He walked slowly through the dungeons. He decided he would leave soon. After knowing it was safe here, the excitement was pretty much gone. There was nothing much to do here, and he'd hate to get in trouble if he wasn’t even having any fun. Nope, that was just dumb and pointless.

"Hello! Is Emma Grace Birch here?"

"Nope, no Emma Grace Birch." He reported in monotone. He figured the girl was only looking for her friend, but his eyes narrowed when it came to his mind that the girl might think he was Emma Grace, which was very, very, very untrue. "I'm not a girl!" He howled. "I just have long eyelashes and my voice is high because I'm young but my daddy says I'll grow out of it when I'm older!" It didn't help that his voice cracked, and his cheeks reddened, but he crossed his arms, trying to appear stern.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None

How did you find us?: I had a forum friend on a different site a couple years back who told me about this site, but I never got around to joining. Now they aren't on here anymore (I don’t even remember who they played) and I'm just getting around to making an account.

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