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« on: 30/04/2012 at 22:41 »

Name: Mia Dragomir

Former Character's Name (if you had one): Brayden Emerson, Sebastian Petrocci, etc. etc.

House Request:
Slytherin. Mia has all of Billie's passion, but a heavy dose of ingenuity and ambition to go along with it. She knows what she wants, and - even at just eleven years old - is never afraid to go after it.

1st, 2nd


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Mia's observant enough to realize that her life has been a bit… well, different than that of other eleven year olds. She's glad of the fact; different means exciting, and exciting means fun. She's seen lots of places, though she's fairly certain Hogwarts is her favorite (Honeydukes is pretty great, too, and even better if you've lived there). She's met lots of people and lots of animals - and has taunted and frustrated her fair share of both (people in particular; animals tend to be nicer, even the scaly ones).

She has a twin brother, Luca (everyone else calls him Adrian), but she was born two minutes and four seconds before him, which means she's the oldest, and the natural-born leader. Mia plans, Luca does; it usually works best that way, except when it doesn't. In those cases, she has to show him who's boss (via logically-constructed argument or carefully-laid trick, whichever she's in the mood for). Mia's mother is Billie Dragomir, who seems to know everyone, and her father is Lucan McCoy, who also knows a lot of people but mostly just spends time with Uncle TJ (who's not really her uncle, as it turns out). There's also Peyton, Uncle Brayden, Aunt Lexi, Uncle Derek, Aunt Alexis, and Tia (who aren't her uncles and aunts either), and all of their assorted children, of whom Caspian is her favorite and Noah the bane of her short existence.

Mia likes quidditch, because anything Luca can do she can, too. She's really excited for dueling, though, and wants nothing more than to see Noah Ross on the receiving end of a good hex or two. Mia wants nothing more than to be somebody - partly to prove herself to her parents, but also to have something that's just hers, and not a legacy of all those who came before her.

Mia's more tactical than both her mother and brother; there's a lot that lays beneath the surface, but she knows how to think before she acts. She's generally outgoing and charming, but if she takes a disliking to someone or something she isn't afraid to show it (or to get even, if the situation requires). She has a lot to prove - to herself more than anyone - and (especially as she gets older) tends to be her own worst enemy.

Mia's the image of an eleven-year-old Billie - dark hair, wide, charming grin, athletic and tall for her age. And frankly? She's tired of hearing about it. In some ways, it's nice to be compared to her Mama; Billie Dragomir is pretty fantastic as mothers go, after all. Sometimes, though, it'd be nice to just be herself. She does have her father's dark eyes, though, a feature which she's particularly proud of.

Sample Roleplay Response:
Mia stopped short, her arms crossing over her chest as she gave the boy The Look (like the one Mama gave when she cut holes in Luca's favorite hippogriff pajamas). "I don't have a camera," she said after a beat, chin raised. Mia could understand being frustrated at a loss - she certainly hated to lose - but it wasn't her fault he was a terrible Quidditch player. Nor would whining about it make things any better.

If Luca was here, he'd probably loop an arm across the boy's shoulder and give him some pointers. But he was still in the Great Hall shoveling his face full of food - more than seemed strictly possible - and Mia wasn't quite as generous as her twin. "You need to practice more," she said bluntly, though she offered a small smile as consolation. "You'll do better next year."

Turning to leave the hallway (Mia had better things to do than look after a cry baby), she added over her shoulder, "The best way to get even is to prove them wrong." Eleven years of Noah Ross had taught her that much, at least.

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