Welcome to Hogwarts School :: A Harry Potter RPG! It's 1942!

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Welcome to Hogwarts School!

Hogwarts School: A Harry Potter RPG
Welcome to Hogwarts School: A WWII Harry Potter RPG!

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Hogwarts-School.net is one of the oldest Harry Potter RPGs available today. We offer both a magical school for student aged characters as well as career opportunities for adult characters at the Ministery of Magic, St. Mungo's Hospital, The Daily Prophet, and Merlin's Order of Defense. We are more than just a Hogwarts School RPG complete with interactive dueling, Quidditch, and classes, we are a whole interactive RPG world!

Beyond the wizarding world of Harry Potter lies another, and January 1, 1937 has come and gone, landing the Wizarding World on the precipice of World War II. Muggleborn students have lost their families in the warp, Wizarding London is in a constant state of chaos, and nowhere seems safe.

We've been expecting you.



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